You need terraform

Refer to for installing terraform.

1- Create tfvar file:

#cat terraform.tfvarsproject = "project-id"region = "europe-west4"

2- Create tf file and put mysql database related information in it, such as instance, database name and root password:

#cat main.tfvariable "project" {}variable "region" {}


gsutil -m -o GSUtil:parallel_composite_upload_threshold=150M cp -r local_dir gs://your-bucket/data/

  1. You need to create a bucket in your GCP project:

There are 3 important things here;

  • Location type: region, multi-region, dual-region (affects pricing)
  • Location of the bucket: eu for multi-region or one of the options below for regional locations within Europe:

Samet Karadag

Strategic Cloud Engineer @ Google Cloud

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